Enjoy All Nebraska Have To Offer


AgTeam Land Brokers has a huge trade area with a primary focus on farms, ranches, feedlots, and recreational properties in Nebraska & Kansas. Our cattle ranch sales are mostly in the Sandhills Region of Nebraska and the Flint Hills Region of Kansas. We provide professional service to both Buyers & Sellers. In South Dakota, most of our real estate service is to investment buyers that we represent as Buyer's Agents performing the due diligence on large farm operations. Through our extensive, long term, nationwide cooperative broker network and membership in Realtors Land Institute; we can assist Buyers & Sellers in other states by working with the local brokers in our network. Our affiliation with United Country Real Estate enhances our broker network with over 500 offices and 3,000 agents. We market rural properties by private treaty and auctions. We offer several auction formats including live auctions, online auctions, and a unique format we developed that we call Double Opportunity Auctions. Contact Nick Zerr for auction details.

NEBRASKA: The Beef State. The Good Life.
Agriculture is #1 industry in Nebraska thanks to amazing water resources: The Ogallala Aquifer. Nebraska has more miles of year around streams & rivers than any other state with over 24,000 miles. US Rankings:
#1: Irrigated Acres. Cattle on Feed. Commercial Cattle Slaughter. Red Meat Production. Beef Product Exports.
#2: All Cattle & Calves (6,800,000 head). Hay Production. Pinto & Kidney Bean Production.
#3: Corn for grain Production
#4: Beef Cows (1,941,000 head).
#5: Soybean Production. Alfalfa Hay Production. Grain Sorghum Production. Sugar Beet Production. Egg & Egg Product Exports. Pork & Pork Product Exports.

KANSAS: The Sunflower State. As Big As You Think.
US Rankings:
#1: Grain Sorghum production.
#2: Cropland, total acres. Wheat Production.
#3 All cattle & calves (6,250,000 head), Cattle on Feed (2,230,000 head), Red Meat Production, Sunflower production.
#4: Potato Production.